YouTube to Offer New Revenue Sources for Creators


SAN BRUNO, Calif. – YouTube will begin offer new sources of revenue for creators, letting users develop multiple revenue streams that supplement their advertising revenue.

YouTube is also adding memberships and merchandising opportunities for creators in a bid to compete with competitors like the Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch.

Memberships will be available to any creator with a channel that has at least 100,000 subscribers for $4.99 per month. Paid members will get access to emojis and badges, as well as exclusive bonus videos, shout outs or live streams.

On the merchandise front, YouTube is partnering with the custom merchandise platform Teespring to develop 20 products including shirts, mugs, and mobile phone cases that creators can sell on their channels. Merchandise will be open to all cretors with more than 10,000 subscribers.

YouTube also announced a new product called “Premieres” that will let creators interact live with viewers and showcase pre-recorded videos.

YouTube reports that the number of creators earning five figures a year is up by 35 percent, and the number of creators earning six figures is up by 45 percent. As in previous years, most of the revenue is coming from advertising partners.

In related news, YouTube says brands that buy advertising on its platform will soon have a new set of tools at their disposal.  At the Cannes Lions festival in France last week, the Google-owned video platform announced a new product called the YouTube Creative Suite, which adds three tools to test variations of ads and that measures their impact.

One tool works with brand lift measurement and allows brands to measure the impact of creative on key metrics like awareness, consideration, purchase intent, and more. Another tool creates reports on performance, bringing audience segmentation to retention reports. 

It will also allow marketers to annotate specific moments in video ads (such as a logo shot) and measure how many viewers of the ad saw that specific section.