What iOS 10 has in store for mobile marketers

iPhone with horizon

Apple's new iOS 10 operating system is expected to launch in a few months – along with a new iPhone – and mobile marketers should be aware of how these these updates can work for them and their campaigns.

The new features are expected to include upgrades for email and new messaging features, among others, so marketers looking to get the most out of iOS 10 should think about how best to leverage it.

Messaging will see some changes with the new iOS upgrades, in an effort to compete with popular messaging solutions like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Third-party functionality is expected to come to iOS messaging via an iMessage App Store, and users will be able to connect directly with calendar scheduling and mobile payments through iMessage.

The updated iMessage app will also allow users to send handwritten messages and full-screen messages, as well as Snapchat-like invisible ink messages that are only revealed if swiped by the recipient. Swapping out words for matching emojis in messages is also expected to be featured in the update.

"As messaging functionality (and fun) continues to increase with iOS 10 updates, it's time to consider investing more in SMS marketing," according to this Localytics blog post.

New mail features are expected to make it easier for users to get off of email lists that they are not interested in, so email marketers need to keep an eye on this.

"iOS 10 Mail will offer simple unsubscribes from marketing list e-mails, which is a potentially great feature for users – and makes prioritizing permission-based subscription more important than ever for email marketers," according to Localytics blog. "The exact repercussions of this will evolve once iOS 10 gets out of beta, but standard email marketing approaches will become even more important. In essence: good subject lines, relevant content, and offers and personalized approaches that resonate with consumers."

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