Vidyard makes video marketing easier with ViewedIt solution

There’s been plenty of buzz building around the power and reach of video marketing, and video marketing tech specialist Vidyard has launched a new offering that makes it easier than ever for organizations to start publishing and tracking performance for their own video messages.

ViewedIt is a new free tool from Vidyard that gives marketers the ability to create, send and track video directly from their web browser.

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“We’re making it easy for anyone to communicate with the power of video,” Vidyard CEO and co-founder Michael Litt said in a statement. “We are tearing down the barriers that have kept people from using video and making it simple to create, share and track video playback without the need for expensive software or video editing experience.”

Users can access the tool via the web at as well as through a Google Chrome extension. The ViewedIt tool offers one-click screen recording, social and email sharing capabilities, and provides users with notifications when their videos have been viewed.

The difference between this tool and more complicated desktop video production software is ease of use: ViewedIt leverages a simple screen recording setup. The Google Chrome extension enables single-click recording of either a full screen or a browser tab along with webcam and microphone.

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In addition, a clickable thumbnail image is added to email messages with ViewedIt, improving email call-to-action as opposed to pasting a hyperlink to a video.

“Beyond helping businesses have authentic conversations with prospects, customers and employees, video provides valuable digital body language,” Litt said in a statement. “As soon as someone watches your video, you’re notified who it was, what they watched and how much they viewed so you can strike while the iron is hot with a relevant follow-up message.”