Union Metrics adds multichannel reporting, Facebook analytics

Social media analytics company Union Metrics announced it has added multichannel social media reporting and all new Facebook analytics. The company said the new metrics will enable digital marketers to optimize messaging, grow audience, deepen engagement and benchmark competition across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

"When done right, social media is a powerful tool for connecting people and businesses. But, the growing complexity of social marketing makes it difficult for marketers to rise above the noise and determine what's working and what isn't," said Union Metrics CEO Hayes Davis in a statement. "With powerful multi-channel metrics and support for Facebook, we built the latest version of the Social Suite to bring clarity to social marketers—giving them the tools they need to develop effective messaging, content and engagement strategies on the social platforms that matter most. We don't try to deliver every metric possible; instead we focus on delivering the right answer at the right time to help brands succeed."

These updates, which are only available in the Union Metrics Social Suite, include a dashboard that lets marketers track activity across Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook simultaneously. It enables them to compare content across channels to see what's working where, identify spikes in engagement across social media to uncover trends and benchmark against competitors.

New Facebook analytics provide detailed insight into brand pages. The metrics allow marketers to pinpoint best-performing posts, understand the impact of paid and organic activity on their page, analyze fan growth and demographics and use that data to create more relevant, engaging content.

Union Metrics said it now has more than 1,000 active, paying subscribers and more than 100,000 registered users including 60 percent of Interbrand's global top 100 brands and more than 75 percent of the largest PR firms in the U.S. The company also processes more than 2.5 billion social activities per month.

The new Social Suite capabilities are available now with pricing starting at $500 per month.

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