Study: Mobile email dominating with mobile-centric brands

More than 70 percent of customers of mobile-centric brands open their email on mobile devices, according to a new benchmark study from communication automation specialists Kahuna—a figure that shows why mobile marketers would be wise to keep focusing on mobile engagement strategies for these audiences.

The "Mobile Marketing Index Q3 2015" report from Kahuna analyzes opt-in and retention rates for apps across 15 different verticals, including travel, sports, music, finance and eCommerce. The quarterly report focuses on anonymized data gathered from more than 400 million user profiles.

"While other benchmarks are finding that roughly half of all consumers are already opening their email first on mobile devices, the numbers become even more dramatic for customers of mobile-focused brands," Adam Marchick, CEO and co-founder of Kahuna said in a company statement. "Because mobile-first is quickly becoming a trend for marketers, it behooves them to watch these and other usage patterns."

The recent rise in ad blocking apps on mobile devices is likely to drive customer acquisition costs up, according to the report.

"Brands must lean on owned communication channels like push notifications, in-app messages and email to maximize retention," the report reads.

Kahuna's study found that personalized communication with customers increases 90-day retention rates by as much as 185 percent.

"Recent consumer adoption of ad-blocking tools are encouraging more brands to look closely at their owned communication channels," Douglas Roberge, strategic services consultant at Kahuna and author of the report, said in a statement. "While it is doubtful that there will be an adpocalypse—the radical deconstruction of the advertising industry—a long-term trend that brands can bet on is expansion of owned communications. With our quarterly benchmark, we hope to track that development in detail as it happens."

The report also found that push notification opt-in rate across iOS and Android increased slightly from 62 percent last quarter to 64 percent.

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