Segmint enhances data-driven marketing platform

Analytics specialist Segmint has launched a new suite of solutions for its SegmintOne platform, giving marketers new control group functions, advanced real-time capabilities, business intelligence dashboards and intent key lifestyle indicators.

The enhanced SegmintOne platform gives institutions the ability to activate their data and deliver real-time targeted messages across all channels, using anonymized data. The new features were spurred on by Segmint's recent signing of 15 financial institutions to its platform.

"With analytics at their core, these enhanced products help CMOs improve the success of banks' marketing campaigns and can inform their marketing spend," Segmint President and CEO Rob Heiser said in a company statement. "We developed these solutions after listening to our partners' desire to provide the next generation of banking through KLIs serving as real-time triggers for delivering a highly personalized, truly tailored banking and payments experience." Read more.