Segment launches new mobile partner platform

Segment, a data integration solutions provider for mobile and Web, has unveiled a new mobile partner platform that will allow mobile vendors in attribution, push notifications, a/b testing and deep linking to build their own integrations. 

Allowing partners to build integrations themselves will speed the process of integrating new services for app engineers, and will give marketers the flexibility to build a killer mobile software stack.

"Activating new customers is one of the biggest challenges mobile data companies face, since using their services requires customers to integrate a new SDK and capture contextual user interaction data throughout the app experience," Segment CEO and co-founder Peter Reinhardt said in a company statement. "We help our partners onboard new customers faster by automatically sending off the data they need to run analysis, attribute campaigns and more."

Segment offers 160 total integrations (including 75 for mobile), and receives dozens of prospective mobile partner requests each month. In order to keep up with demand and quickly scale the number of services on its platform, Segment will now provide the infrastructure, support and services for companies in the mobile marketing-tech space to build their own integrations.

Communication automation specialists Kahuna are among the partners on board with Segment's new platform.

"Kahuna is built around making it easier for brands to understand and engage their customers, so the Segment partnership is a perfect match," said Adam Marchick, Kahuna CEO and co-founder. "Segment's one-stop SDK makes it simple for brands of all sizes to stop worrying about integration and start delighting customers with intelligent mobile communication."

The fact that Segment is operating in the mobile and Web spaces provides users with opportunities for omnichannel engagement.

"This could make Segment a go-to resource for mobile publishers looking to integrate mobile app analytics, mobile marketing automation, and mobile testing, attribution, deep-linking, and communication tools into their apps," VentureBeat reported. "After all, speed and ease of integration are critical for mobile marketers and publishers."

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