Salesfusion unveils managed service offering for B2B marketers

B2B marketing automation specialist Salesfusion has launched a new managed service program that augments its client's marketing efforts by allowing Salesfusion to act as an extension of their team.

Salesfusion’s Marketing Concierge Program leverages a customized and consultative approach when teaming with clients to allow better collaboration with customers and to help them succeed with their marketing automation strategies.

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“Customers often mistake licensing a platform as the key to success with marketing automation and underestimate the other critical success factors such as suitable marketing strategy, sufficient content, appropriate business processes, personnel, skills and technical support," Carol O'Kelley, CEO of Salesfusion, said in a statement. "We removed these barriers with our no-fail approach that provides the tools, support and expertise marketers need to succeed at every stage of growth and at a price they can afford."

Through this managed service program, Salesfusion clients can receive very specific support for tasks such as template design, or they can have Salesfusion manage their entire tactical marketing plan and marketing operations, depending on their specific needs.

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Salesfusion clients who have already been leveraging the Salesfusion platform and have worked closely with its team are excited about the prospect of the new Marketing Concierge Program.

"In addition to an affordable, easy-to-use platform, Salesfusion differentiated itself with a tailored and personalized approach that was not available from our previous provider," Alison Pendergast, CMO of Acrobatiq, said in a statement. "Their team of experts provided a seamless transition, transferring templates and workflows, and continue to offer unparalleled support by executing campaigns to maximize our marketing efforts."