Report: More than half of emails are opened on mobile

A new study shows that optimizing email messages for mobile is becoming even more critical, with more than half of all email messages being opened on mobile devices.

The "Mobile Marketing Index: Q3 2015" report from Kahuna shows that ad-blocking technology will have an impact on customer acquisition costs, and that compelling messages have a real impact on churn rates and uninstalls.

Mobile continues to become a more important channel for marketers to focus on, as the email open rate numbers in the report show.

"Marketers must test email content rigorously for how it renders on a variety a mobile devices and leverage cross-channel data, especially from apps and the mobile web, to better inform their email campaigns," according to Kahuna. "The report also finds emails sent to Android devices have a higher click-to-open rate than those sent to iOS devices."

As ad-blocking technology becomes more prevalent on mobile devices and smartphones, it's up to marketers to find new ways to get their message across on the mobile Web beyond traditional banner ads and interstitials. Personalization will be the key idea moving forward.

"Brands must lean on owned communication channels like push notifications, in-app messages and email to maximize retention," the report reads. "The data reveals personalized communication increases 90-day retention rates by as much as 185 percent."

By keeping digital content relevant and interesting to the target audience, marketers can keep them engaged—and keep them from uninstalling mobile apps.

"The data reveals intelligent communication can increase 90-day retention by as much as 5 times in certain categories," according to the report. "Every category we reviewed showed churn reduction across 30-, 60- and 90-day periods as a result of messaging. The data also showed that in some cases, users were actually less likely to uninstall an application if they had received a message within at least 30 days."

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