Report: Customer personas and journey mapping improve content, results

Marketers who take the time to focus on buyers' needs by creating customer journey maps and buyer personas are seeing success and creating better, more relevant content, according to new data from marketing strategy platform Akoonu.

The survey polled 100 B2B marketers, director-level and higher, who are responsible for or oversee content marketing. A total of 82 percent of respondents that created buyer personas and buyer journey maps said that their personas and journey maps give them in-depth insights to guide their creation of quality content, according to Akoonu.

The vast majority (91 percent) of respondents who are already leveraging buyer personas and journey maps agreed that their organization has an in-depth understanding of their buying audience, such as their goals, fears, challenges and buying roles, as opposed to 50 percent of those who have not built buyer personas and buyer journey maps.

"For B2B marketers to rise above the noise and effectively connect with their buyers, they must have a truly in-depth understanding of their audiences," said Robert Rose, chief strategy officer at CMI, in a company statement. "When done the right way, personas and journey maps arm marketers with these rich audience insights, so they can create targeted, buyer-centric experiences at strategic points along that journey."

Overall, marketers leveraging journey maps and personas reported benefits from the practice—96 percent of respondents said it has helped their organization increase content quality and speed of content creation, while just four percent said they haven't seen benefits.

"Buyer personas and buyer's journey maps are the first essential elements to establishing a buyer-centric marketing strategy, but for them to provide true value they need to be easily shared organizationally and updated on an ongoing basis," Akoonu CEO and founder Jeff Freund said. "This is where technology can now help. Rather than locking personas and maps away in PowerPoint slides, a platform approach to building and maintaining them activates buyer insights across the organization, while making it quick and easy for marketers to maintain them for freshness and accuracy."

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