Remarketing with YouTube to drive lead gen

YouTube could be an effective platform for marketers looking to target audiences and find new leads through remarketing efforts, and the key lies in getting consumers to interact with your brand on the hugely popular video platform.

"YouTube is the world's second largest search engine with over 1 billion active users each month. The number of users alone goes to show that there is a huge community available to you through this platform, and developing a good strategy for YouTube remarketing can play a huge role in generating quality leads," wrote Jason Hawkins in this Social Media Today article.

When a brand's video is listed in YouTube's search function, viewers have the option to click on the video to play it, to subscribe to the brand's channel or to view the brand's in-stream advertisements. Once a viewer has engaged with a brand on YouTube, marketers can segment and target them based on their behavior.

"In addition to having a large audience, [YouTube] also has specific functions as a platform, which allows you to select a highly targeted audience. The platform features allow you to generate a list based on the type of content a viewer generally watches. YouTube is unique as a platform: some of the features offered are either not available with remarketing on Google (or similar search engines), or they are not as strong and specific as they are for the YouTube platform," Hawkins wrote.

People who visit your channel, subscribe to your channel, leave comments on videos, like or dislike videos or share your videos can also be retargeted based on their YouTube behavior and actions. By using video to communicate with an audience through engaging content, then retargeting those viewers based on how they interact with your brand, marketers have a unique opportunity to reach out to YouTube users.

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