Pardot CMO: SMBs should focus on business goals when selecting tech solutions

For smaller marketing organizations, investing in new marketing automation tech solutions can a big deal, as such purchases can take a big chunk out of a SMB's marketing budget.

Taking a close look at a marketing organization's business goals and evaluating what employees truly need to attain those goals is a good place to start for SMBs that are deciding on a marketing automation tech solution, according to Salesforce Pardot CMO Shannon Duffy.

"SMBs tend to have more limited budgets, which means they need to make sure solutions are easy to use and intuitive, so they can easily utilize all capabilities," Duffy told MarTech Advisor. "Salesforce Pardot is focused on one important use case: businesses that are marketing and selling into accounts (nurturing, scoring, behavioral tracking, sales rep enablement, etc.). Often times, buying the technology is the easy part. Getting your organization to agree and follow new processes and best practices can be challenging. We have many customers who are asking us about organizational change as much or more than they are asking us about technology."

Automation technology is giving marketers the power to predict how customers are likely to behave through data, as well as the ability to engage with them wherever they are in their purchase journey, which is why organizations of all sizes have embraced the technology and are on the lookout for new solutions.

"Technology can seek out the patterns needed to provide insights into future outcomes and proactively recommend actions to build stronger relationships with customers and accelerate sales," Duffy told MarTech Advisor. "In the future, marketing technology will get to a place where marketers will develop a strategy and their technology tools will be able to execute more and more of that strategy. Marketing will be more data driven, but it will always be a combination of art and science."

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