New Optimizely X platform encourages web experimentation

Website experimentation specialist Optimizely has launched a new platform that encourages marketers to try new things online and “Experiment Everywhere.”

The re-engineered Optimizely X platform includes enhancements to Optimizely's signature web and mobile offerings, but also provides access to new products that were designed specifically for developers to help them easily conduct experiments across channels, devices or applications.

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For Optimizely, the new solution continues its longstanding focus on taking chances on new strategies and tactics on the web.

"From Curie and Edison to Jobs and Musk, every great invention and scientific discovery was born from experimentation," Optimizely CEO Dan Siroker said in a statement. "Optimizely X represents a quantum leap forward in what our customers can achieve, by letting them push the boundaries of experimentation and transform the digital experience for their customers."

Optimizely X also focuses on personalization of web experiences, allowing an organization to incorporate first- and third-party data and behavioral targeting to deliver individualized experiences to visitors in real time by creating integrated dynamic customer profiles.

Enhanced mobile features and developer tools allow organizations to test new concepts out on mobile as well, by conducting experiments on apps built on iOS and Android. This allows teams to roll out new app features without waiting for App Store or Google Play reviews.

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Optimizely customers have long appreciated the web testing abilities the platform provides, and are looking forward to what Optimizely X will bring to the table.

"If we weren't able to experiment at LegalZoom, we would have to be much more cautious. That would hold back our own growth and leave thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people without the legal help that they need," Eddie Hartman, co-founder of LegalZoom, said in a statement. "Optimizely allows my company to be bold in our experiments and take the risks we need to take in order to find what works and achieve success. Because we can experiment across our products with Optimizely, we can be more flexible, more adaptable, and find more ways to get people the help they require."