Jivox unveils personalized video ad platform

Personalized digital advertising and marketing platform Jivox has introduced features that make it easier to create and deliver personalized video ads at scale.

The new features within the Jivox IQ platform remove the need for manual, custom-coded production methods, and allow marketers to create personalized video ads from a single platform with no custom coding required.

“Video has long been a favorite format of advertisers. With the emergence of modern technology and greater data availability, however, brand marketers can finally do what TV has never been able to – add a personal touch,” Jivox CEO Diaz Nesamoney said in a statement. “Instead of delivering the same video ad to each viewer, marketers now have the power to deliver video campaigns every bit as personalized as their display ad counterparts – and with equal ability to exponentially increase user engagement and improve campaign performance.”

The Jivox IQ platform now dynamically generates different variations of a video using thousands of potential image, text and video combinations to customize predetermined portions of the video and create truly personalized messages.

The new capabilities allow marketers to leverage auto-play video from social media to the mobile web, allowing campaigns to specify video auto-play on all devices, in addition to allowing for dynamic video advertising to be placed natively within a website’s content.

“The emergence of dynamic video advertising is one of the most exciting developments in digital marketing since the advent of big data,” Tim Bagwell, senior vice president of Xaxis Ad Labs, said in a statement. "Video is clearly the go-to instrument for brand storytelling. Unfortunately, the cost of video production and limitations in technology have made delivering personalized video ads out of reach for most marketers until now. With Jivox’s platform, brands can engage in near one-to-one conversations with hundreds of thousands of individual audience members in a similar fashion to programmatic creative display executions.”

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