Infer, Terminus partner to launch predictive ad targeting tech

Predictive sales and marketing platform Infer has teamed with B2B account-based marketing tech specialist Terminus to launch a new predictive ad tech solution, giving B2B marketers predictive advertising solutions aimed at increasing ROI by leveraging data science to optimize campaigns, targeting and budgets.

This partnership brings the power of predictive analytics to B2B advertising, which will allow marketers to better target high-potential accounts and leads.

"Predictive scoring and profiling technologies add tremendous value when it comes to sales and marketing workflows for account or lead prioritization, inbound marketing and demand generation, so it's a natural extension to bring these advanced techniques into your advertising strategies," Vik Singh, co-founder and CEO of Infer, said in this blog post announcing the partnership.

By leveraging lead scoring technology and ad platform technology, B2B marketers are able to leverage predictive solutions in the advertising space. Infer's platform builds profiles that can encompass both scores and external signals, while also taking predictive scores into the mix of bidding signals for ad targeting.

"Infer's profiling and scoring technologies, in tandem with ad platforms like AdRoll and Terminus, help us easily employ predictive targeting," Alex Acker, senior manager of marketing and insights at Nitro, said in a statement. "By working smarter in this way, we're able to boost engagement at the top of our funnel, and get a whole lot more for every advertising dollar."

The partnership between Infer and Terminus brings the two marketing technology specialists together to do what they do best.

"The most successful approaches are those that combine proven, best-of-breed platforms, as opposed to force fitting a one-size-fits-all solution that applies predictive to both advertising and automation," Singh said in a statement. "They are two different sides of the coin, each deserving dedicated focus and depth to do proper justice and to achieve significant gains in marketing and sales. That's why we developed an open architecture that intelligently feeds our insights into your stack to make CRM, marketing automation and ad tech systems all infinitely smarter."

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