Infer launches predictive account-based behavior scoring solution

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Predictive sales and marketing platform Infer has launched a new predictive account-based behavior scoring solution for marketers, aimed at providing B2B marketers with tools to focus on accounts that are most likely to close quickly.

The solution focuses on bringing account engagement insights into an organization’s CRM, helping B2B marketers identify marketing-qualified accounts (MQAs) to drive engagement, gather feedback on ABM programs and measure pipeline acceleration more easily. 

“Our newest predictive models empower sales and marketing teams with previously unattainable ABM metrics that show which accounts – and specifically which contacts at each account – are expressing the highest levels of marketing engagement,” Vik Singh, co-founder and CEO of Infer said in a statement. “We deliver this unprecedented transparency by using advanced machine learning to produce crystal-clear predictions that make it even easier for any business to identify whitespace gaps in its pipeline and find high-potential target accounts that deserve more attention sooner rather than later.”

Infer’s ABM behavior scoring model mines data on the behavior of contacts throughout the customer funnel, including informational snapshots on all of their historical activity. Infer then models and  analyzes these signals on a daily basis to predict likely conversion events based on things such as the timing of actions, activity spikes or declines, sustained engagement and key behavior combinations.

“The new Infer Scores give us much-needed visibility into the activities of each account in our Total Addressable Market, which lets us immediately see how effective our ABM programs are versus waiting for downstream metrics from lengthy sales cycles,” Joe Busto, senior director of sales development at Druva said in a statement. “Infer helps us understand whether we’re driving engagement with people in our target accounts, which pieces of content are fueling this engagement, and where we need to put more of our energy.”

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