Infer launches new prospect management platform

Predictive tech firm Infer has unveiled a new prospect management platform that leverages artificial intelligence to make recommendations and trigger actions that help move prospects through the funnel.

"The Prospect Management platform positions marketing and sales teams to segment prospective buyers based on a variety of internal and external data signals, as well as predictive lead scores," according to Demand Gen Report. "This aims to give users a holistic view of their prospects and help formulate campaigns and messaging that has a positive impact on their prospect's buying experience."

Infer Prospect Management analyzes information such as a contact's title, company size or geography, as well as complex characteristics like a person's role in the buying process, their recent marketing activity, their company's overall fit for a product, or their current state within the customer lifecycle—in combination with detailed impact metrics.

According to Infer, the new platform will allow marketers to more clearly define their high-value segments and buyer personas. Prospect Management then triggers appropriate actions for each profile group. This allows marketers to expand beyond existing prospects by analyzing outside data sources to identify new leads and markets to target next.

Marketing teams that have been using the beta version of the solution like what they've seen.

"We use Infer's new predictive platform to discover and target ideal customer profiles. By building segments and personas around Infer's signals—such as whether a company uses Amazon Web Services, or whether its website contains B2B technology—we deliver better marketing campaigns and arm our sales reps with better data and insights," said Rich Taylor, senior director of marketing at business intelligence company Looker, in a company statement. "As a result of a recent personalized campaign, we were able to boost our typical attendance and drive 20 percent more top prospects to a key regional event."

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