Infer, InsightSquared partnership brings reporting to predictive marketing

Predictive marketing tech developer Infer and sales performance analytics company InsightSquared have announced a partnership that will bring a new level of detailed reporting to prospect management and scoring.

"Together, InsightSquared and Infer are taking the sales and marketing functions a sizable step closer to full-funnel predictive," Joe Chernov, vice president of marketing at InsightSquared, told CRM magazine.

The partnership will give marketers better insights and reports on how well their demand generation programs are fueling growth, while sales teams can use the reports to improve lead management tactics.

"By using Infer's signals within InsightSquared, executives can take their dashboards to the next level and keep a pulse on things like whether reps are spending their time on the leads with the highest close potential," Vik Singh, co-founder and CEO of Infer, said in a company statement. "A cornerstone of our strategy is to infuse predictive intelligence into best-of-breed tools so they can unlock even more value for marketers, and today's partnership is a great addition to the many specialized applications in Infer's ecosystem."

For example, the "Activity Scorecard" report from InsightSquared and Infer gives sales and marketing teams better insight to help their reps prioritize top leads by associating sales rep activities with specific lead score cohorts. The "Lead Funnel" report visualizes stage-by-stage conversion rates for each lead score cohort, while tracking the number of each type of lead or contact in the funnel so that sales leaders can better predict their pipeline and expected win rates, according to Infer.

"[Infer]'s expertise in turning large marketing datasets into highly reliable predictive insights is a perfect complement to our focus on sales forecasting and opportunity-to-close conversions," Fred Shilmover, CEO of InsightSquared, said in a company statement. "Together, we're equipping data-centric companies with the complete-funnel insights they need to grow even faster."

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