Content marketing ROI remains elusive

Sean MacEntee / CC BY 2.0

For B2B content marketers, creating content that engages buyers and finding the right channels to distribute it on is only part of the challenge – measuring the success of content campaigns can often be a tough proposition.

Linking content to performance data can help marketers better understand what topics connect with audiences, according to Rapt Media VP of marketing Jennifer Burak.

"Marketers are currently relying on marketing distribution technologies for targeted personalization through channels instead of personalizing the content at the point of creation," Burak told KoMarketing Associates' B2B Online Marketing Blog. "To prove ROI, marketers first need to understand why the content is successful and how it is driving value for the target audience. It's challenging to measure beyond initial engagement metrics and extend performance measurement to map conversions back to content and business goals."

B2B marketers looking for deeper insights on content performance can turn to marketing tech solutions to help get the most out of their content. The more data and analytics a marketer has at their disposal, the better equipped they are to respond to what's working and what isn't when it comes to content campaigns.

"The content ecosystem connects assets to channels through distribution platforms, but there is still no indication that the actual content is effective," Burak told B2B Online Marketing Blog. "That's where content technology tools make the process more effective, allowing marketers to optimize the content in real time, and enabling a whole new layer of measurement to answer the question: Is your content actually working?"

Giving audiences more control and choices when engaging with content is another way content marketers can leave an impression on potential buyers.

"In addition to personalizing content so that it is relevant and engaging for target audiences, it's highly beneficial to introduce interactivity," Burak told B2B Marketing Solutions Blog. "Specifically, empowering your targets with choices, and the control to self-select their own content."

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