Bombora, Cintell partner to ID buyer interests for targeting

SaaS customer intelligence tech provider Cintell has announced a partnership with B2B demographic and intent data provider Bombora that is aimed at providing marketers with information on topics of interest that are critical to B2B buyers so they can target them based on those topics.

The partnership marks the first time that Bombora's intent data is being leveraged to provide insights on trending topics for specific industries. Bombora's data is now included in Cintell's SmartPersona Customer Intelligence Platform.

"Having this view will enable marketers to, first and foremost, build out richer customer personas and use these insights to develop more effective content strategies and execute more contextually relevant account-based marketing campaigns," Bombora founder and CEO Erik Matlick said in a company statement. "More broadly it fuels the conversion of marketing and sales. Using Cintell's intent data infused SmartPersonas enables marketing and sales to identify and develop strategies to 'close the loop' with their top prospects. In the long term, it could also aid the understanding of industry purchasing cycles through historical analysis."

This move provides marketers who are leveraging Cintell's SmartPersonas with a big boost in available data, as Bombora monitors approximately 9.3 billion monthly interactions across 1.2 million companies on 2,500 topics. Corralling that huge stable of data to focus on topics of interest to B2B buyers can help marketers keep their eye on trending topics that really matter to buyers across industries.

"We are thrilled to partner with the leaders in B2B intent data to bring these important external content insights to Cintell users and partners," Cintell cofounder and CEO Apparao Karri said in a company statement. "B2B organizations spend millions each year developing content and campaigns for audiences. With this partnership, marketers can now understand what will best resonate with each of their persona segments, crafting relevant and more effective marketing messages."

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