B2B marketers should listen in on social media

While social listening is a big part of B2C social media marketing, it hasn't caught on as strongly with B2B marketers, whether that's because B2B buyers on social don't talk about brands as much as consumers do, or if social conversations don't have as big an impact on B2B vendors as they do their B2C counterparts.

But smart B2B marketers know that paying attention to what people are saying on social is important – after all, if marketers can find out what people are saying on social, chances are that their prospects can find the same thing, and it had better be good.

Staying on top of what people are saying about brands and key figures in an organization is just good business in today's digital ecosystem, according to Leadtail CEO and founder Carter Hostelley.

"Just because your company isn't the focus of thousands of social posts every day doesn't mean you don't want to 'hear' when consumers mention your business, products or top executives," Hostelley wrote in this CMSWire column. "This is less about sentiment analysis and more about discovering what buyers actually say about your brand."

It's also important to stay on top of customer concerns that are voiced on social media, because brands are the ones responsible for addressing those issues in the social landscape.

"You've positioned your firm as innovative and customer-centric, then fail to respond to questions and relevant comments on social media – that doesn't play well," according to Hostelley. "And saying you didn't see them is no longer a good excuse."

Social listening can also be a useful practice when leveraging account-based marketing tactics, as marketers can turn their focus directly to the potential buyers they value most and keep an ear out for useful information.

"If you're selling to a specific set of companies and decision-makers you'll definitely want to monitor their conversations for valuable insights into how to reach and engage them," Hostelley wrote

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