Are content creators investing in the wrong tech?

Content marketers rely on technology to publish their content and to get it in front of the right audience, but a new study shows they might want to focus more on content creation tech solutions.

"The Future of Content: Personalizing the Content Experience" report from Rapt Media found that marketers aren't thinking about engagement measurement when creating content, as personalization and deeper engagement were ranked as both the top priority and greatest challenge for content marketing creatives.

"Marketers are starting to pay close attention to 'push' vs. 'pull' content, as content marketing is fundamentally different than brand or awareness advertising," Rapt Media CEO and founder Erika Trautman said in a company statement. "Consumers increasingly want to seek out content they can explore instead of being delivered one size fits all content. So the approach to creating content, the prioritization of personalization, and the technologies invested in to get consumers to engage must also evolve."

Rapt Media's study found that 83 percent of respondent said developing content that's personalized enough is their biggest challenge, while 94 percent said that better content tech is key to creating content that's personalized and engaging.

"Eighty-six percent of creatives are not being held accountable for business metrics with the content they are producing and 77 percent say that linking performance data with content is not important," the report reads. "If marketing leadership fixes this strategic mistake, then the focus will turn to investing in technologies that support content personalization and the ability to link to performance data revealed by consumers' specific engagement and interactions."

A total of 81 of respondents said that increased engagement is key to securing content tech investment, but 77 percent indicated that linking performance data with content is not important.

"Although creatives understand that personalization means more productive content, they simply can't develop content that is personalized enough for audiences using their current methods," the report reads. "Creatives need better technology at the point of content creation that can provide choice, increased engagement and data. But getting approval to invest in that technology requires demonstrating it will yield meaningful audience data that can be optimized to drive increased ROI."

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