Akoonu expands ABM platform

Account-based marketing and selling platform Akoonu has announced the expansion of its integration capabilities and Content Planning module, providing marketers leveraging account-based tactic with new tools for connecting with buyers.

Akoonu's expanded marketing automation, CRM integrations, and new content inventory and mapping features, coupled with its existing capabilities for buyer-centric marketing, empower B2B marketers to understand, attract and engage key decision-makers involved in making a purchase.

"Once you know who the buyers are in an account, how do you engage them, particularly when each of them has their own needs, concerns and priorities that continuously evolve throughout their buying journey? ABM requires a deep understanding of your buyers and how and when best to connect with them through targeted messages and content," Jeff Freund, CEO and founder at Akoonu, said in a statement provided to FierceCMO. "This understanding is the missing link in today's ABM landscape that we're helping marketers address." Read more.