ABM Consortium survey: Account-based B2B marketing gaining popularity, driving revenue

Account-based marketing tactics that focus on buyers as individuals rather than large, faceless organizations are picking up steam in the B2B world, according to newly-released research.

The "High Performance ABM Capabilities" report from the ABM Consortium surveyed more than 500 marketers, and more than half of respondents are leveraging account-based marketing tactics.

According to the report, more than two-thirds of the study's participants said that account-based marketing is favorably impacting their revenue, though less than 20 percent were able to report a revenue impact within a specific range of revenue increase.

"Analyst firms, including Demand Metric, have published recent research confirming that ABM adoption is occurring at a rapid clip," said Mark Ogne, founder of the ABM Consortium and exec-VP at Demand Metric, in a company statement. "Today, the critical question for most B2B organizations is no longer if ABM is worthy of consideration, but how to have the highest-performing program. What's clear from our study is that ABM is not a 'check box' to complete. There are distinct considerations marketers need to prioritize in their programs, and doing so will maximize ABM's revenue impact."

The survey focused on different levels of maturity in account-based marketing programs, and found that the primary motive driving less mature account-based programs is prospecting for new customers. But as account-based maturity increases, the primary motive swings dramatically toward cross/up selling to existing customers.

According to the report, media delivery methods vary significantly by ABM maturity levels, with the most mature ABM users preferring tailored email messages as part of nurturing programs (76 percent), while the least mature users favor retargeted ads to prior website visitors (66 percent).

A total of 45 percent of respondents who don't have an account-based program indicated that "other initiatives have a higher priority," which was the most popular reason given. More than 80 percent of marketers who are leveraging account-based practices said that it is one of the most important revenue-generating strategies in use, according to the ABM Consortium.

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