Marketers shouldn’t overload audiences with B2B video

Video marketing is an increasingly popular way to educate, inform and engage audiences, but there is a threshold on just how much video content a YouTube audience can take before it stops being effective and starts becoming background noise.

B2B marketers who leverage YouTube video should approach it as they would any other channel – come up with a plan and a schedule for videos that provides the audience with value and doesn’t try to do too much.

B2B video marketers should focus on posting and promoting new videos when the audience is most likely to view them, according to digital marketing strategist Dane Golden, and that’s during regular business hours while they are at work.

“Probably the best time to post a YouTube video is the exact time you’re going to promote it on social, or in your email newsletter, or on your blog post,” Golden wrote in a blog post. “Videos need to be marketed just like anything else, and timing matters.”

Marketers who create a regular schedule of videos on YouTube put themselves in a better position to build up an audience that is looking forward to seeing their video content, as opposed to being inundated with it.

“By creating a content calendar and spreading out the launch of videos on your B2B channel, you can begin to train your audience of coming back every day to watch a single video,” Golden wrote. “And if they’re interested, they can watch previous day’s videos. This has the additional habit of training your internal team to launch videos regularly, and trains the YouTube algorithm on how to promote your videos within the platform.”

If a marketing organization already has too much content posted on its YouTube channel, breaking the content up into different areas can help the audience better navigate what’s available and find the videos that are right for them.

“Are you trying to reach different kinds of audiences with the same YouTube channel? Think about splitting them up into two or three types. But remember – YouTube channels and the videos on them are essentially permanent,” Golden wrote.

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