B2B video doesn’t have to be cool to resonate on YouTube

For B2B video marketers, connecting with audiences on YouTube is important, but can B2B content stand out on a platform that has so much content from high-profile creators? The answer is yes, and B2B marketers can find YouTube success by focusing on the things that matter most to customers.

Sticking to content that will resonate with buyers and prospects is the first step toward success, according to HEY.com digital marketing strategist Dane Golden.

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“I can tell you there is a certain group of people who are very interested in hearing what you have to say, and they don’t care if you can make them look more attractive, or can speedrun through the latest video game, or can juggle or sing,” Golden wrote in this HEY.com blog post. “They only want you to share what you know. They just want you to help them to build their business.”

By focusing on content that informs and educates target customers, marketers can generate leads through video on YouTube. Some things to keep in mind include leveraging close-up shots for mobile viewers (who make up half of the YouTube audience), getting to the point quickly with messaging, and making sure that videos don’t run too long and lose the audience.

Making sure that YouTube videos are discoverable online and up to video SEO snuff are also important, according to Golden, and engaging with audiences and offering them solutions is a good way for B2B marketers to gain YouTube traction.

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“You need to ask the customer questions in your videos, instead of just telling them, and encourage customers to ask you questions of you in return, via the comments section,” Golden wrote. “Then answer their questions in the comments and use it to begin a relationship around a common interest, which are your videos and the lessons within. Then give the customer a more direct link to your website for more info – by sharing this in the comments, too.”