Yvonne Tocquigny, creative and strategy officer, Archer Malmo, Austin

In 1980, Yvonne Tocquigny launched her company, Tocquigny (TOH-KEY-KNEE), and from its inception, the digitally-minded creative shop has focused on transforming brands. Adweek, B2B and Clutch have all named Tocquigny a top agency, honors reflective of the shop's work for clients such as CITGO, Jeep, Dell, Hitachi, USAA and Caterpillar. 

Collecting and building a talented team of makers, thinkers and doers—all working within a company culture that complements the uniqueness of Austin—Tocquigny is regarded as a forward-thinker in the industry, one who looks beyond the norm to reach goals and objectives. She has become a business trailblazer, a leading marketer, a sought-after speaker, a respected writer and a mentor to many. 

In 2015, Archer Malmo, a leading brand communications agency based in Memphis, approached Tocquigny to consider an acquisition. Learning that Archer Malmo shared many of Tocquigny's philosophies and values, and understanding that the combination of the two shops would better serve the agency's clients, she made the bold move to join forces.

Despite the change of the company name, the agency's work for clients in Austin and throughout the country remains the same, as have Tocquigny's responsibilities. She continues to advise companies on topics such as digital marketing strategies, branding, messaging, business planning, and ways to structure marketing organizations. Tocquigny and her senior staff continue to be responsible for generating business for the Austin office.

As creative and strategy officer of Archer Malmo, Austin, Tocquigny remains a popular columnist for the Austin Business Journal and is a frequent speaker for groups of CEOs across the country, international Six Sigma organizations, CEOs in the banking and finance industry, and groups of startup entrepreneurs. Recently, she presented at BMA15. You can follow her on Twitter at @YvonneTocquigny.

What are B2B clients focusing on today that they weren't in the past?

Our leading B2B clients have moved beyond measuring incremental progress toward a marketing goal. They are looking to create a customer experience that rivals the best B2C companies (think Nordstrom, Apple, Amazon). They understand the importance of crafting each element of the experience through every touch point. And with each touch point, they have the rigor to appreciate the necessity to hold true to the brand.

What's the biggest lesson you learned on the job this year?

We work with large and small companies. This year we learned how to take our extensive planning and strategy practice that had before been reserved for big companies and morph it into a practice that works for small and mid-size companies. We learned how to become more nimble, with rapid iterations towards solutions in order to fully meet the needs of companies speeding to market with new products and services.

What is your favorite part of your job?

I love meeting with executives, learning about their problems, and brainstorming solutions. Helping smart business people see their futures in a new way has always been the most rewarding part of my job. It's what has kept me in this business so long.

What gets you excited for the future of B2B marketing?

While there are a lot of agencies that see B2B as less interesting than consumer marketing, I feel differently. I'm excited about making B2B more like consumer marketing. More creative. More engaging. More surprising. B2B buyers also buy Cheetos and coffee. They don't want to come to work to be bored by B2B marketers. They want surprise and delight too. 

What do you do to relax (if/when you have any downtime!)?

I have a personal trainer three times a week to counter all the time I spend in front of a computer, bike ride in the country on weekends, then cook extravagant food for my husband and our friends to enjoy. I love to spend all day in the kitchen working on a dinner.

Yvonne Tocquigny, creative and strategy officer, Archer Malmo, Austin