Belinda Hudmon, senior director of global brand and digital marketing at Motorola Solutions

Belinda Hudmon

Belinda Hudmon leads a global team of 46 and is charged with partnering across Motorola Solutions to deliver enhanced brand and digital experiences, drive sales through lead generation, and improve employee collaboration and productivity. 

Hudman joined Motorola in 2005 with more than 20 years of marketing leadership experience in telecommunications, software, cloud and financial services. She has been named a BtoB Magazine Top Digital Marketer for the last three years and has been an active member of the Direct Marketing Association and Forrester's Interactive Marketing Council throughout her career. You can follow her on Twitter at @hudmonbk.

What is your proudest work achievement in the past year?

I am most excited about a project we launched in late 2013 called Systems of Collaboration. It is a strategic investment the company has made to allow our 21,000 employees worldwide to connect, communicate and collaborate like they've never done before. Competing effectively in today's rapidly changing business environment means companies must be agile and able to quickly adjust their strategy and execution. To enable this we've been systematically introducing new tools and resources to make communication and collaboration faster and easier, improving how teams share and ideate, connect to experts, and their secure access from any device anywhere. The scope is enormous, whether from an IT perspective or change management. But, it is also progressive. We believe this investment in collaboration will change the way we get our work done and enable our go-to-market teams to compete. 

What do you like most about your job?

Being able to identify and apply new concepts and technologies to solve business, sales and marketing challenges, improve experiences and deliver improved results. I think the most interesting initiatives in the past few years have been in the areas of marketing automation; collaboration and social media; analytics and testing; and search and digital advertising.

How can more women be successful in the B2B marketing industry?

Build your network. Having a strong and diverse network will provide the unique perspectives, learnings and best practices, new ideas and the support needed to grow and succeed. Every meeting and event is an opportunity to expand your network. Be prepared and think in advance about the people you might meet with and what value you can bring to them—and vice versa. As your network grows, so will your influence.

What's your best piece of advice to women in B2B marketing?

Have confidence. Demonstrating confidence is one of the most important success factors in business—but it can be challenging. In today's fast-paced world where fortunes are won and lost in quarters not years, experimentation and risk-taking are critical to business success. You must have confidence and determination to propose new ideas and test new concepts, and either demonstrate success, tweak and grow, or fail fast and learn—and then try again.

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Belinda Hudmon, senior director of global brand and digital marketing at Motorola Solutions