DR Radio Billings Pick Up Speed in 3Q 2016

Media Billings

The DR radio media billings market’s fourth consecutive quarterly increase was its most impressive yet. A $5 million rise (37.3 percent) over 3Q 2015 results left the market at $18,565,600 — the second-best third-quarter showing since Response teamed with Kantar Media to report DR radio media billings in 2004.

With local radio again on the rise and positive results from the “Automotive and Travel” and “Drug and Toiletry” categories, third-quarter 2016 results had no problem bouncing back from a 10.2-percent dip in the same quarter one year prior. And while the number of campaigns aired continued to slide, top-10 campaign spending more than doubled compared to third-quarter 2015.

Six Is Sufficient

Just six of the 17 measured categories reported gains in 3Q 2016. The “Drug and Toiletry” category was the market’s biggest — as usual — but major increases by Proactiv Solution and NuBiotix led to a $3.7 million (55.3 percent) increase compared to 3Q 2015. Much like second-quarter 2016, the “Automotive and Travel” space (led by WeatherTech.com) was the other big success story, rising $1.7 million — an eight-fold increase compared with year-prior results.

Only three of the down categories lost more than $35,000: “Computers, Software, and Home Office” dropped $445,500 (17.4 percent); “General” lost $339,200 (26.2 percent); and “Multiple Category Ad” backslid $233,300 (89.6 percent).

Local Growth

All three DR radio outlets gained spending, but local radio’s share of the pie grew. Local’s $3.4 million (39.9 percent) gain allowed it to pick up 1.2 points of market share. Network radio gained $1.4 million (34.4 percent) while national spot radio added $233,900 (25.8 percent).

In a nearly identical decrease to 2Q 2016, the total number of unique DR radio campaigns aired during the third quarter fell 22.8 percent to 132. However, with top-10 campaign spending up by 111 percent, the average spent on a campaign based on the total rose 77.8 percent to $140,648. Outside the top 10, spending per campaign decreased by 7 percent to $41,057.

The spending increase across the top 10 left those campaigns accounting for 73 percent of the quarter’s total spend. Five of the top 10 campaigns in third-quarter 2015 appeared in 3Q 2016, including top-ranked Proactiv Solution, which increased its third-quarter spend by $1.8 million over the same time period a year ago. The top-10’s leading newcomer was WeatherTech.com, landing at No. 4. ■













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