Radio Dials It Down Another Notch in 2Q 2017

Media Billings
2Q Radio MB 2108 fig 1

For DR radio media billings, reception in 2017 has been hit and miss. Second-quarter results, provided by Kantar Media, show DR radio losing $3.1 million compared to 2Q 2016 results — landing at $13,901,400. With local radio spend fading for a second consecutive quarter — and the “Drug and Toiletry” and “Automotive and Travel” categories losing nearly $3.9 million combined — the 18.1-percent drop isn’t surprising. 

Still, overall second-quarter spend on DR radio is the third-best 2Q figure recorded in the past decade. The total number of radio campaigns dropped 14 percent, but the total number of network radio campaigns was up by 9.1 percent.

Eat, Sleep, Repeat2Q Radio MB 2108 fig 2

Seven of the 17 categories reported gains in 2Q 2017 — but only two of those gainers added more than $40,000 in spending compared with the year prior. The “Food and Beverage” category rose $394,900 (63.1 percent), while “Household, Furniture, and Appliances” added more than $1.2 million, a 47.7-percent increase. 

As noted above, the “Drug and Toiletry” (down $2.6 million) and “Automotive and Travel (off nearly $1.3 million) categories suffered the worst losses. “Computers, Software, and Home Office,” with a dip of $774,100, was the only other category to lose more than $100,000 in comparison to prior year spending. 

2Q Radio MB 2108 fig 3Top 10 Dominates Spending

All three DR radio outlets reported losses in the second quarter, but local radio’s losses were the story. After gaining $2.3 million in 2Q 2016, the local space gave it all back — dropping nearly $2.4 million (21 percent) — and losing 2.2 points of market share. Network radio spending dipped $694,500 but the outlet added 0.9 points of share, while national spot radio lost $20,300 and gained 1.3 points of share. 

2Q Radio MB 2108 fig 5The total number of unique DR radio campaigns aired fell 14.3 percent to 132. The average spent on a campaign based on the total decreased 4.5 percent. Outside the top 10, the cut in average spending on a campaign was 27.7 percent. 

2Q Radio MB 2108 fig 6Spending among the top 10 campaigns dipped 2.3 percent to $9,382,200 in 2Q 2017. This slight decrease meant that the top 10 accounted

for 67.5 percent of overall 2Q 2017 spend, an 11-point increase. Six of the top 10 campaigns from second-quarter 2016 appeared in 2Q 2017, including My Pillow, which held on to the top spot. 

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