One reason for the big spend, analysts say, is that video helps with Prime conversions and retention.

"The message to take from this is that blockers don’t install blocking software because of an active dislike of all advertising."

News bites from Dish, NBCUniversal, TVSquared, and more.

Data from Magna Global says the 7.8-percent decrease was the steepest fall outside of a recession in 20 years.

Big brands boycotting online ad options and Google Chrome's new ad blocking effort have industry insiders' attention as they discuss solutions.

Democrats and public interest groups have questioned the timing of rule changes, as well as Pai's meetings with representatives of the company.

News bites from the FTC, Brandzooka, eBay, and more.

Rachel Gould, Videology's director of marketing, says there has been a 175-percent increase in the amount of ad requests for CTV in the Videology platform.