A Ray of Light for Short-Form DR Billings

2Q long-form media billings

For the first time since third-quarter 2014, Kantar Media’s short-form DRTV media billings show an increase, rising by more than $4.3 million (0.6 percent) over 3Q 2015 figures to reach $660,469,800. After seven consecutive quarters of decreases — attributable at first to Kantar’s methodology change in its measurement of Hispanic network TV, then perhaps to the researcher’s tight categorization of what counts as a direct response ad — any increase counts as excellent news for the space.

A majority of short-form’s measured sectors grew in third-quarter — helping offset Hispanic network TV’s continued declines — with the network and spot outlets producing notable gains. Expanded spending by My Pillow led to a major increase in the “Household, Furniture, and Appliances” category, while the “Drug and Toiletry” category bounced back from recent struggles.

Cable Rests Easier Thanks to My Pillow

For a second consecutive quarter, the network TV ($10 million, 60.5 percent), spot TV ($11.5 million, 22.9 percent), and syndication ($6.2 million, 14.4 percent) outlets posted notable gains that more than offset Hispanic network TV’s decrease ($20.3 million, 38.2 percent). The difference in third-quarter 2016 compared to the second quarter: a resuscitated cable TV marketplace.

After losing nearly $200 million in spending during the first six months of the year, cable’s $3.1 million dip (0.6 percent) is miniscule. The nearly even results compared to 3Q 2015 tipped the quarter’s overall balance into the black.

And it was spending from a single category that pushed cable’s relative third-quarter success: “Household, Furniture, and Appliances.” Of the category’s overall $79 million increase vs. 3Q 2015 results (a 110-percent jump), its spending leapt by $63.2 million in cable alone. Keying the category’s increase was My Pillow’s spend of more than $67 million, quadrupling its spending in 3Q 2015. The “Drug and Toiletry” category shook off recent struggles to rise by $20.4 million (7.5 percent) thanks mainly to increased spending by Nutrisystem (up 39.9 percent) and Proactiv Solution (up 121.1 percent).

The “General” category continued to struggle, losing $43.6 million (57.1 percent), while “Automotive and Travel” (down $20.7 million/54.4 percent), “Apparel” (off $12.3 million/57.3 percent), and “Publishers and Book Clubs” (down $11.9 million/70 percent) also were among the nine categories to finish 3Q 2016 in the red.

Spending in Top 40 Rises; Total Campaigns Dip

The number of short-form DRTV campaigns aired dropped by 21.2 percent to 993 — in line with 2Q 2016 results. The decrease in total campaigns, combined with expanded spending, led to a rise in per-campaign spending. This jump was much stronger when looking at total spend: per-campaign spending hit $665,125, a 27.7-percent increase, while spending per campaign outside the top 40 — $260,316 — rose just 8.9 percent.

Fifteen of the campaigns that appeared on 3Q 2015’s top 40 returned in 3Q 2016, with last year’s No. 5 — My Pillow — topping the charts. Eight members of this year’s top 10 were part of the top 40 a year ago, with No. 5 SeroVital-HGH and No. 10 Gotham Steel the exceptions. ■





















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