DRMA Case Study — Higher Power Marketing: 'Our Conversion Rate for This Client Has Been So Good That It's Almost Unheard of in That Industry'

Case Studies

Direct response (DR) and per-inquiry (PI) advertising require an ability not only to craft motivational copy but also creative media plans. A quarter-century in the business has taught us what works in copywriting. And, with equal importance, we’ve developed amazing partnerships in radio, TV, print and mobile media.

A good example of this “network of friends” can be seen in the franchise-development work we do. We have several franchise clients who came to us looking for ways to develop more and better leads for their sales forces. The bulk of what they were doing was online. The conversion rates were awful because the quality of people calling in was awful. And the cost-per-click was going up because of competitive market bidding.

The clients thought they wanted to use television, but we showed them how we could tap into radio, cut their production costs and target their desired audience via programming.

We did an “A/B” copy test and found that testimonials from actual franchise owners out-produced straight announcer commercials at a rate of three-to-one. We worked different versions of the testimonial copy for more than two years and were able to save our client 85-to-92 percent on the cost of radio through the relationships we have with the media.

Today, our conversion rate for our franchise clients is so good that it’s almost unheard of in the industry.

“This kind of client success comes from what we know about producing effective advertising and who we know in media.”

HPM — Higher Power Marketing