DRMA Case Study — Higher Power Marketing: 'Get What You Pay for? We Like to Deliver More'

Case Studies

Satellite television clients have given us an opportunity to demonstrate how we can save the day when cost-per-call is stubbornly high. We do so by delivering quality callers with a much higher conversion rate.

Sounds simple, but it takes years of experience, our kind of expertise and a solid background of knowing that you cannot undercut the market without paying the price in quality. We’ve done a lot of work with satellite TV-type clients and — invariably — we deliver a much higher-quality subscriber than they’d been able to get with other vendors.

We offer solid experience, innovative copy, smart media alliances and greater sales because we know the realities of the marketplace and how to reach quality buyers.

“It’s not getting what you pay for … but getting more.”

HPM — Higher Power Marketing