DRMA Case Study — Higher Power Marketing: 'For VSC Clients, We've Generated an Average of About 950 Leads per Week — Every Single Week'

Case Studies

The vehicle service contract (VSC) industry is huge, and it’s extremely competitive. Thousands are selling contracts designed to protect car owners against unexpected and costly repairs to their vehicles. Competition is fierce. And to make things more difficult, some unscrupulous operators have made consumers suspicious of buying. So, it’s really important for legitimate VSC companies to find not only a quantity of leads but also leads of genuine quality.

Based on the work we do for one company, others in the industry have come to us for help. When this VSC client called us almost six years ago, it was hoping for an ambitious conversion rate — from lead to sale — of 10 to 12 percent. The problem: its vendor was delivering only about 6 percent.

Our solution was to use different radio networks with audiences targeted to specific demographics. We wrote and produced highly focused radio commercials. We tested the copy and found that we could deliver at a price of about 5-percent less than the client had expected to pay.

Initial results were very good. Once the clients tasted this level of success, they asked if we could expand our reach, which we did. In fact, we’ve generated an average of about 950 leads per week — every single week.

We delivered not only quantity, but also quality. A conversion-rate goal of 10 to 13 percent was set, and we met it — more than double what other vendors had delivered! We’ve been working in the VSC industry for some time and with this client since March 2009 — almost six years of a successful and productive relationship.

“We never want to apologize to the client for the quality of leads we produce.”

HPM — Higher Power Marketing