DRMA Case Study — Fosina Marketing Group: The Importance of the Customer Value Proposition

Case Studies

A customer value proposition is a marketing statement that describes why a customer should buy a product or use a service. It is specifically targeted towards potential customers rather than other constituent groups. (See Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Customer_value_proposition)

In today’s crowded consumer marketplace, the customer value proposition is arguably the single most important ingredient that needs to be addressed head on by all marketers at the inception of a business plan. The value proposition represents an invaluable way to differentiate a company product and/or service in today’s fast-paced, multichannel, “Here’s the next best thing” world. 

Given that today’s consumers have a tremendous amount of research at their fingertips  —you best believe they are researching — savvy direct-to-consumer marketers allow the customer value proposition to speak volumes to the prospect audience and rise above the competition. 

Marketers must take heed to develop a value proposition that is succinct, along with all subsequent downstream messaging that engages the consumer quickly and moves them to conversion. The customer value proposition should clearly address the market you are targeting, plainly describe the product or service you are delivering, how you are delivering it, and why. It should speak clearly about the benefits to the customer buying the product/service as well as connecting those benefits to crisply describe how buying the product/service will provide its worth.

A good value proposition example is Amora Coffee:

When your favorite blend of coffee is measured by hand and sealed into AerostaticLock® bags, then shipped immediately right to your door, roaster-fresh at the peak of flavor and aroma, that’s Amora! Because home delivery is the only way to get truly fresh coffee. That’s why Amora will never be available in stores. www.amoracoffee.com

Given a very crowded coffee beverage marketplace, Amora differentiates its brand by roasting coffee daily in small batches and delivering direct to the home via priority mail. Roasting daily and shipping via two-day priority mail, the consumer is assured the coffee is at optimum flavor and freshness as compared to coffee that can sit for many months on a retailer’s store shelf.