Report: Personalized ads outperform standard ads

The case for the effectiveness of personalized messaging just got a boost, as new data shows that personalized digital ads deliver three times the performance of traditional ads.

The "2016 Jivox Benchmark Report" from Jivox examined more than one billion personalized ad impressions from 24 real-world ad campaigns that were conducted by brands across six industries and delivered within 10 major global markets.

According to the report, personalized ads outperformed rich media by 230 percent on click-through rate (CTR), and outperformed rich media by 84 percent on interaction rate (IR).

"Personalization has fundamentally changed how marketers engage with customers, and is shifting the very foundation of the digital advertising market," Jivox CEO Diaz Nesamoney said in a statement. "By replacing the industry's traditional cost-per-thousand insertion model with an 'always on' paradigm, personalized ads offer brands significantly higher – and more predictable – revenue streams. This is a game-changing innovation for the industry with immense power to drive a business at scale."

Average dwell time was also increased when advertisements were personalized for recipients, according to the report.

"Personalized ads on average delivered an Average Dwell Time (ADT) that is 1.3 times higher than Google Benchmark for Rich Media Creatives (GBR)," the report reads. "According to GBR, global ad ADT is 13 seconds, while Jivox personalized ads delivered 16.6-second ADT."

Personalization has been a hot topic for marketers across channels – from email and advertising to video and web marketing – and data like this will only add fuel to the fire.

"The numbers are staggering, and offer hard evidence of what up to now has been conventional wisdom among marketers: personalization drives massive performance gains in digital advertising," Nesamoney said in a statement. "Personalized marketing certainly isn't a new idea. But we believe brands are just on the cusp of realizing its promise with the recent emergence of modern data-driven ad technology platforms and the unprecedented availability of data to power campaigns. This is truly a new paradigm in marketing."

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