Partaking in MTC Expo Is This DRMA Member’s Biggest Benefit

Committee Corner

Whether you are a vendor or a marketer, there are many advantages of attending next week’s MTC Expo in San Diego. I am excited to see the emphasis on media, technology, and commerce at the revamped and rebranded event, as it shows how our industry continues to evolve and change with the demands of technology. This is one of the weeks that I look forward to all year. The team at Response goes all out to ensure a successful, relaxed atmosphere where meeting up with old and new friends results in endless opportunities. 

If you are a golfer, Tuesday morning’s golf tournament offers a great way to kick off the week. It doesn’t matter if you are competitors, a vendor, a customer, or new to the industry – there is fun to be had all around. It’s casual, sometimes competitive, and always a good time. In many cases new contacts and deals are either initiated or consummated between holes. There’s usually more food and drink consumed than golf played – but hey, who’s counting? 

From MTC Expo frequenters to first timers, those who attend show up eager to network with plenty of business cards and a quick pitch of what their company or product entails. Industry vets are eager to welcome in new faces, ideas, and companies. 

One major benefit of MTC Expo is it is a trade show that allows for immediate exposure, connections, and solutions from those in your industry. I have never left this Expo without a multitude of business cards, new ideas, or potential clients – one of the many things that inspires me to come back each year. 

Whether creating new relationships with vendors or strengthening an existing one, the Expo is an ideal place to meet in person. You can get a feel for a potential partner’s culture, share with them how their product or service could further enhance your business, and get their feedback on your product. Industry vets are always happy to share their experiences and help guide those new to the industry by making key introductions to those they know and trust. Working in a relaxed atmosphere is a perfect way to break the ice with a person or company that would be more difficult to meet during a regular work week. Being able to laugh and tell stories on an informal basis can be the kick off to a new relationship and a valuable contact.

The Expo’s educational sessions are well thought out and relevant to new trends, products, and resources. The moderators and panelists are industry experts and offer great insight and make themselves available after their panels should you have specific questions. I’ve always left feeling my time spent was well worth the knowledge gained. I have been fortunate to be both a speaker and panel member, and it is personally rewarding as I feel I am contributing to the growth of the industry and potentially helping attendees with additional knowledge or guidance.

Those who travel from near and far attend this Expo because of the great network exposure, relationships, and ideas that they leave with. The Expo Hall floor allows attendees to host meetings, explore booths, and meet potential partners. The many cocktail parties and events offered throughout the week offer many opportunities to connect with and meet new people. 

As the show grows closer, I am being contacted by new companies asking to meet in order to introduce me to their services or products, as well as receiving calls from potential new clients for my company that feel this is the perfect atmosphere to start a relationship. Our company has both become involved with new vendors and obtained new clients at the Expo. It’s a win-win opportunity for both them and me. 

From a week packed with new and old friends, exploring the Expo Hall floor, attending educational seminars, developing relationships with potential clients, or sitting down for a drink with someone in your industry, this Expo is the perfect mix of both work and play. Belonging to the DRMA has so many benefits outside of this show – but MTC Expo is by far my favorite.