Making Resolutions Worth Keeping in 2018

2018 Happy New Year with digital font

“Three, two, one … Happy New Year!” The countdown is officially on and it’s only a matter of time before we are all dressed up, passing around champagne, and attempting to sing the words to Auld Lang Syne. Does anyone really know the actual words to that song? 

And then, that dreaded question comes: “What is your New Year’s Resolution?”

For some, it is “lose weight,” “exercise more,” or “eat healthy.” Others might say “grow my business,” “spend time with family,” or “travel more.” Whatever the answer, the unfortunate news is that only about 8 percent of resolution-makers actually follow through each year.

The problem? Most people set broad, daunting goals, leaving them little chance to succeed. Studies show that successful follow through comes when a goal is both specific and measurable. For example, instead of saying, “I’ll probably renew my DRMA membership this year,” consider, “I’m going to renew AND plan to accomplish this, this, and this by the end of my 12-month DRMA membership.”

What is the “this, this and this” you ask? Let’s dive into a few suggestions!

Resolution 1: Vow to take advantage of DRMA events.

Attendance at DRMA events is important for networking with other members and finding out the latest industry happenings. This December, set actionable goals for the events that you plan to attend in 2018.

  • Be more ‘social’ at your socials. Whether it’s MTC Expo or one of the many DRMA networking events, research the details beforehand. If there’s a specific hashtag, use it in your social posts leading up to the show and tag the event name or the show host. That awesome picture you took with your bestie? Load it to Instagram instead of just making it your cell phone background. Twitter and LinkedIn are terrific for finding other show attendees and making connections before, during, and after you arrive! Having companies see that you are active in an industry alliance can really benefit you as they do their research.
  • Make every meeting count. Don’t just think about who the perfect business prospect might be; look for industry contacts that could provide useful tools for growing your business. Also, don’t treat breakfast, lunch, and dinner as a break from the show or event. The dining table can be a great spot for meetings to occur. Aside from connecting with show attendees, check your database for prospects or customers in the event area and schedule time to meet and build those relationships while you’re in town.

Resolution 2: Vow to share your voice with the DRMA.

Whether you are in fulfillment, production, media, campaign management, inbound sales, or payment processing, you have a skill or trait that can benefit someone in this space. Take the time in the next year to set a goal on how you can make your voice heard and bring benefit to your fellow DRMA members.

  • Get published. Are you comfortable writing? Look for ways to submit an article within the numerous communication realms of the DRMA, such as Response Magazine or the DRMA Voice.
  • Speak your mind. Consider yourself a great public speaker? Challenge yourself to secure a speaking gig or information session at the MTC Expo or another special event. Even if you don’t get an opportunity this year you will learn the steps you will need to take for consideration at future events.

Resolution 3: Vow to get involved with the DRMA.

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of being a DRMA member is getting to know the many wonderful people. I’m always amazed at the camaraderie of the industry. Everyone is always willing to share knowledge and help one another out.

  • Seek a committee. I’ve had the pleasure of serving on the membership committee this year. The experience has been both educational and empowering. I’ve learned a great deal from my fellow committee members that directly impacts the value of my membership.
  • Find a mentor. Be a mentor. As I stated above, this industry is full of amazing people. You can never have enough trusted advisors when it comes to doing business. But be sure that you reciprocate and share the knowledge you learn along the way as well. 

If you are a DRMA member, sit down with your team at year-end and make a resolution to take advantage of events, share your voice, and get involved in the DRMA in 2018. If you’re not a member, make the resolution to join and then follow these steps to reap the rewards! Remember: keep these goals specific and measurable in 2018. Happy New Year!