Beyond mandating randomized controlled trials (RCT) for supplement claims, the FTC’s RCT enforcement campaign has been decidedly mixed.

For me, being a part of a community like the DRMA gives me the sense of comfort that I belong to something bigger than myself.

All signs point to the MTC Expo expanding our opportunities to connect with an even greater group of colleagues.

There's a disturbing and growing trend of non-disparagement provisions appearing in standard consumer contracts.

These cases are an early warning signal that it is business as usual at the FTC.

The hearing serves as a cautionary tale for why measured communication and self-regulation are vital to the advertising industry.

Experienced counsel can assist brands in auditing their influencer guidelines and determining whether current policies effectively ensure influencer compliance…

From the various shows and networking events, to the education sessions and forums, I could not have reached the heights I have without this organization.