Leadspace offers AI solutions for Salesforce

Marketing tech developers have been focused on providing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, with Salesforce Einstein and Oracle’s Adaptive Intelligent Applications making recent headlines, and B2B predictive analytics and data management tech company Leadspace offering AI capabilities with a specific B2B focus.

Leadspace recently announced some new offerings that will give B2B marketers new AI tools within Salesforce.

“These new features bring the power of artificial intelligence to solving key issues faced by B2B sales and marketing teams," Leadspace VP of product Travis Kaufman said in a statement. "Because they are integrated into Salesforce, marketers can collaborate with their sales counterparts, define the right target accounts and deliver qualified leads within those accounts in a way that aligns with how their sales teams work."

Leadspace last week becomes the only Salesforce vendor that delivers predictive scores and intelligence directly into a Salesforce panel. Salesforce CRM users will instantly see the predictive score of every lead, contact and account in their CRM, plus the predictive signals contributing to the score to help them understand the score's basis and value. Enriched information about leads and their companies will also be available.

Leadspace Site-Level Matching is also is available within the Salesforce panel, and it uses the data in the Leadspace Virtual Data Management Platform with advanced AI-driven semantic understanding to give a clear view of each prospect, their job functions beyond just their title, and insight into where they sit in the company's decision-making hierarchy.

Finally, Leadspace TAM Analysis gives companies the tools to find new markets and validate their potential for success using the Leadspace Virtual Data Management Platform to aggregate a company's historical sales data, combined with firmographic, demographic and industry information from across the web.