The resolution passed the Senate last week but faces steep odds in the House.

News bites from National Merchants Association, GTX Turf Farms, CoreMedia Systems, and more.

Senate Democrats, including Ed Markey and Chuck Schumer, filed a motion to reinstate the rules.

Digital ad spending surpassed $88 billion in 2017 says a new internet advertising revenue report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

News bites from CoreMedia Systems, Cisco, SpotX, and more.

NMA is stepping up its industry-leading processing and advocacy efforts, working with businesses on a personal level to find solutions that benefit merchants…

The plans aren’t solid and may not go forward, and Facebook hasn’t publicly commented on the possibility of a subscription-based ad-free service.

Previously, online merchants using Amazon’s service have paid about 2.9 percent of each credit-card transaction plus 30 cents.