Editor's Note June: The Weather Isn’t the Only Thing Heating Up

Editor's Note
Thomas Haire

What are the hottest topics for folks involved in the media, technology, and commerce aspects of performance marketing? Ask that question of 100 people and you’re likely to get dozens of different answers. 

Odds are, though, that more than one person would mention mobile marketing and commerce. You’d also likely have more than one mention of the disruption of the retail business. And someone — or some two, three, or four — would probably bring up how the millennial generation is affecting how marketing messages are crafted and received.

If you’re interested in any of those three topics, you’ve come to the right place. Our commerce spotlight (page 26) focuses not only on the status of mobile marketing today, but also looks ahead at the possibilities for mobile a marketing outlet and commerce facilitator. With thoughts from companies like Safelite and UCHealth, the story carries an array of hefty feedback from key marketers.

If you’re looking for the latest on how the millennial generation is consuming marketing and buying products, our feature beginning on page 30 is full of the latest information. From campaigns for major brands like adidas to more targeted advertising from Kingston Technology and Show Me Your Mumu, marketers are getting creative in reaching out to and building relationships with this huge generation whose spending power is quickly gaining on its trend-making strength.

On page 36, a half-dozen members of our Advisory Board responded to a set of questions about how e-commerce continues to upend the brick-and-mortar retail paradigm. What do they think about the expanding capabilities of e-commerce outlets? How can brick-and-mortar retailers stop the seemingly negative momentum facing their businesses? And will Amazon eventually make all of these questions moot?

 As performance marketing tactics continue to expand into nearly every facet of various marketers’ media mix — and as technology allows for better performance marketing metrics to be uncovered almost daily — there’s no doubt that we’ve entered a new heyday for measured marketing that also builds brands. Even the subject of our cover feature — life insurance marketer Colonial Penn, a long-time DRTV success story — is taking advantage of the expansion of performance tactics, both online and offline, to sharpen its campaigns that target older consumers.

So, while summer’s here, Response is still digging every day to bring you the best sources on the key topics that affect your business. Don’t worry, though: we won’t judge you if you’re reading this from a chaise lounge on your deck rather than at your office desk. Kick your feet up, pour yourself a cold one, turn the page, and dive in.

— Thomas Haire

Twitter: @THrants