Monday morning quarterbacking on Super Bowl ads ran the gamut – everything from clear winners, to obvious losers – along with one ad executive saying $78…

Life continues to be good if you’re Amazon. The online mammoth reported its 11th straight quarter of positive net income and the largest in its history.

Last week, President Trump nominated four people to fill seats on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed an order that mandates broadband companies doing business in the state must abide by some key net neutrality rules.

Cost-per-click (CPC) figures for mobile campaigns rose 25 percent in fourth-quarter 2017 (compared with the year-ago quarter) for Marin Software clients.

News bites from DRMetrix, Nielsen, and more.

Carey Lohrenz, Janet Evans, and Allison Massari to take part in an hour-long motivational experience.

22 attorneys general are asking a court to find that the FCC's plan violates federal law.