About Us

Response Magazine stands at the intersection of media, technology, and commerce as the publication for performance-based marketers. Response and its associated digital publishing properties provide targeted, cutting-edge content, analysis and research for professionals involved in all facets of digital, direct, and data-driven marketing. From conception to consumption, Response brings together and tells the stories of the leaders responsible for creating and disseminating marketing campaigns, measuring their success, and doubling down on customer satisfaction. Response also is the flagship of a brand that also includes MTC Expo and the DRMA.

Our Team

John Yarrington - headshot

John Yarrington


Thomas Haire - headshot

Thomas Haire


Jessica Delich - Headshot

Jessica Delich

Business Development Specialist

Monica Kollman - Headshot

Monica Kollman

Graphics Director

Lorrie de Bellis - Headshot

Lorrie de Bellis

Operations Manager

Sarah Harris - Headshot

Sarah Harris

DRMA Coordinator

Ron Wright - Headshot

Ron Wright

Collections Manager

Jennifer Richmond - Headshot

Jennifer Richmond

Billing Specialist

Sue Gigliotti - Headshot

Sue Gigliotti

Production Manager