On March 23, the United States filed a “Request for Consultations” with the government of China concerning practices that are harming the IP rights of U.S.…

GDPR could become the de facto data privacy standard in the United States, which lacks a national consumer privacy law.

It’s not enough to rely on that to carry us along though – we need an engaged community if our sum is truly going to be greater than our parts.

The big theme is technology – its growth is changing the playing field for anyone who wants to make buck in the 21st century.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has put the digital media and advertising industries into a tailspin, according to a report from media tech pub,…

Some speculate the roadblocks have come both from Fox's affiliates and its programming division.

Though ANA and DMA leaders were positive about the move, a trio of anonymous insiders painted a different picture in an AdAge story from last Friday.

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