NielsenSigma DRTVverification


Complete DRTV and Radio tracking: Nielsen Sigma continues to add to the most complete tracking solution available in DR.

·         All 210 Markets (HD and SD)

·         160+ Cable networks (80+ in HD)

·         50 markets of Local Spot Cable

·         140 markets of Radio coverage

·         The most complete Hispanic Local and National Coverage

Combine Nielsen Sigma tracking results with other Nielsen metrics for the ultimate campaign measurement solution.

Simplicity: Nielsen's streamlined SpoTTrac encoding is available at all major DRTV distribution facilities and it's also audio-based so there's no degradation of your spot's video. Once your spots are encoded, data is electronically sent directly to Nielsen saving you resource and time. Sigma data is also formatted for easy upload in multiple DR software solution providers.

Flexible Pricing: Stop counting creatives, start saving money and time with Sigma’s simple pricing plans. Unlimited tracking plans available

Get info on your competition: Nielsen also delivers timely and insightful data for assessing advertising activity across 18 media, including television in all 210 DMAs and Spanish-Language measurement across a growing number of media.

Nielsen Sigma: The most complete measurement solution for Direct Response




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