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Direct Response Marketing

Tech Update: Measuring Up

9 Apr, 2010 By: Pat Cauley Response

With the Web booming as a DR sales platform, what’s the best way for marketers to measure their campaigns’ success?


Through Web analytics and dedicated URLs placed on YouTube videos and on Facebook fan pages, marketers can quantify the results of their social efforts to an extent. Mathis advises DR marketers to leverage social media in their campaigns through incentives. Raymond concurs. “Tracking results and measuring ROI is inexact but can be done by making special offers through social media or having fulfillment sites that are specific to social media offers,” says Raymond.

The Starting Line

“Pulling the most possible value out of that response online is where DR marketers still have some work to do,” says Hewitt. He sees the two biggest opportunities for improvement as removing the noise, which involves developing an online marketing strategy to combat knock-offs, affiliates and competitors competing for screen space, as well as simply optimizing Web presence by continuously testing Web sites and landing pages.

DR marketers are no strangers to testing and adjusting their TV and radio campaigns. The same rules apply when it comes to online. “Turning visitors into revenue should be the main goal of any DR campaign. In turn, through a DR campaign you will achieve a certain measurement of branding, which is just another piece of the puzzle to an improved revenue stream,” says Mathis.

While their means to an end may vary, the leaders we spoke with have a conclusion that remains the same. DR efforts are luring a large stream of consumers to the Web. What happens once they get there and how valuable that data they hold is entirely in your hands. n

“The trouble with measurement is its seeming simplicity” — Unknown

An industry built on dramatically accurate analytics has found itself needing to reinvent the wheel in the Internet age. DR products have forged their way into the aisles of countless national retailers. Consequently, while DR campaigns still yearn for consumers to pick up the phone and dial the 800 number scrolled across the screen, they’re now too following Madison Avenue’s example and spreading brand awareness for retail.

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