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Retail Outlet: Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall: Is Your Product Seasonal?

1 May, 2008 By: Anthony Raissen Response

We live our lives around the four seasons and a number of special holidays. Each one brings with it a unique need for products and services specific to that season or holiday. Do you have a product that has "seasonal appeal"? Do you have a product that you can package and promote around a seasonal theme?

Anthony Raissen
Anthony Raissen

You need only to walk down the aisles of your local stores to see just how creative and promotion-driven manufacturers, as well as retailers, have become in an ever-increasing effort to capitalize on the seasonality and or calendar event promotions of products.

Do you walk down the aisle and see this as an opportunity for your product, or do you get jaded at how "commercial" the system has become? Hopefully you can see through the red and green of the Christmas decorations, or pink and white of the Valentine's Day hearts. These colors all add up to tons of green!

I was recently approached by a prospective client who has a great "beach product." The client wanted me to help him create a marketing and advertising plan for the summer of 2008. At first I thought he was joking, but soon realized that what we often take for granted — our knowledge of how retailers plan and think — is not even considered by most entrepreneurs or manufacturers. The problem is that retailers typically review "beach items" in the fall for the following year.

Still, once your product gets on schedule, one great advantage that you have with a seasonal products is that retailers like seasonal promotions and you have the ability to use great promotional vehicles like floor stands, power wings, pallet promotions, displays, etc. These promotional vehicles help you create extra hype around your product, which in turn leads to extra sales. One thing you do need to consider with seasonal products is that at the end of the season the retailer will return the unsold merchandise to you. You need to plan for this return at the operational level, as well as at the financial level.

Many of the points addressed in the box below apply whether or not you have a seasonal product. The issue is that while you may be waiting to perfect your product, there is a lot you can do to give yourself the ability to go to market as soon as the product is ready, rather than waiting a year before realizing your dream.

Anthony Raissen, president of InterQuantum™, is also the founder BreathAsure® and has successfully launched numerous products through DR as well as retail. His E-mail address is, and he can be reached via telephone at (818) 995-6812.

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