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1 Jan, 2008 By: Thomas Haire Response

A I'm celebrating my two-year anniversary at HSN after spending 15 years at QVC (and six at QVC UK). HSN provides me a lot more airtime to sell fitness and has supported my expansion to other categories of wellness and beauty. QVC was also a great experience, but I'd get six-to-eight minutes to sell — where at HSN, it's up to an hour. Our Urban Rebounder has sold more than 200,000 units and since we launched Barefoot Science in mid-2007, and we've been able to ramp up to selling 10,000 units in two days. The HSN team, especially Jane Dyer, has been amazingly supportive. Barefoot has such a revolutionary message that we usually have no sales for the first six minutes of airtime — but by minute nine, our sales will climb to 2,000-3,000 orders per show. The changes at HSN under Mindy Grossman cannot be underestimated. As the CEO, she brings energy, vitality and color to the network. My personal dream there is to be the "Joy Mangano" of fitness and health products.

Q What's in the new business well for you?

A Two-thousand-eight is shaping up to be a great year, and I have a few surprises in store that I don't think the industry has seen from me yet. In addition to hosting some exciting new infomercials through Midvale Direct LLC, I am leaping from solely hosting shows to serving as consultant, producer, media coach and even directing my first infomercial this year. Having done more than 75 shows, I have worked with almost everyone in our business, and I'm confident my expertise will be of great value. My dad was an inventor, so I have a soft spot for understanding the pressures they face — it's been quite fulfilling to see the little guys be successful. I'm also building a new "green" home in Los Angeles — designed by Living Homes LLC, the first platinum LEED certified homebuilder in the United States. Health and fitness includes caring for our environment, and I'm excited to be part of a new home building revolution.

Cherie Grobbel, QVC
Cherie Grobbel, QVC

Q How important have your longest lasting relationships in the DR business been to you and your success?

A Jake Steinfeld (Body by Jake) "found" me in 1993 and made me the host of his FitTV cable network. I have been so blessed by the DRTV legends that have helped me. Bill Guthy let me do an in-depth, mentor-type interview early on just to help me understand the industry. Tim Hawthorne continues to be a guiding light and friend. Kevin Harrington and Ed Crain are great mentors — they really helped teach me this business. Katie Williams, Keith Merchandani, Earl Greenburg, Wendi Cooper, Patrick Raymond — I just have so many DRTV angels. Barbara and Ken Kerry at Script to Screen, Marcia Waldorf and Dan Danielson — there are too many personal relationships that have been so crucial to possibly name them all. They key is, all of these people — and so many more — are always available to talk, and discuss ideas and concerns. Their insight and accessibility are — to me — what makes the DR community so strong and successful.

Aquavie healthy water system
Aquavie healthy water system


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